5 Tips While Prepping For a Bikini Competition

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First off let me start by saying I am not a nutritionist or a trainer. This blog post is based off my own experience and journey through competing for my first bikini competition


Tip 1- Things Take Time 

The picture above took 12 weeks of hard work and dedication. Unfortunately when I posted this I got a ton of emails, text, and messages asking me what the “secret” was and there just isn’t one. Trust me I wish there was but I worked out a lot but more importantly I fueled my body with the right nutrition. If you stay on your nutrition plan and stay active, in time you will see major changes, just not over night.


Tip 2 – Take an Active Part in Your New Lifestyle

You can hire a nutritionist and a trainer who tells you what to eat, how much and when, but you have to be an active participant in the process. If you are feeling dizzy or light headed or not digesting food well you have to take part and try new things. When I first started I was getting awful headaches. I thought it was my body going through a detox but it keep happening for close to 3 weeks. This process shouldn’t be physically painful. I started drinking more water and stopped taking a pre-workouts. I listened to my body and changed my routine till I left better. At first it was trial and error but LISTEN to your body.


Tip 3-  Find Activities Other Than Eating

A big struggle throughout this journey was finding activities  that didn’t revolve around food and alcohol! People would want to get dinner, happy hour, or drinks and I was on a restricted diet and it was just not worth the temptation. Try and find other reasons to hang out with people, go for a hike, mini golf or volunteer together. If you think about it there are other activities out there other than eating and drinking, you just have to think a little harder.


Tip 4- Love Your Body

 For the first time in my life I feel healthy and not just “skinny”. I feel comfortable in my own skin. My body is not perfect and I have learned that it will never be and I’m finally okay with that.  It is great to have a goal to work toward but loving yourself has to be apart of that goal.

Tip 5- Be Around People Who Are Positive! 

You will get people who don’t understand the process and will be negative. People will make comments like “you are not eating enough, you are harming your body and you will get too muscular”. Don’t LISTEN to them! Stay positive and surround yourself with people who lift you up not bring you down.

Tomorrow night I will be on stage competing for the first time! I will update with pictures and videos. If you want to come watch the show you can get tickets buy clicking this link 🙂 Friday night is a little cheaper than Saturday but get your tickets before they run out!

 XoXo- Bella Hibbs

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