The Good, The Bad and The Awesome Parts of Bikini Competitions

I have officially competed in my first bikini competition. This blog is here to reflect on this amazing 12 week journey! 

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The Good 

Besides this marvelous BODY, I am overall the healthiest I have ever been. Throughout meal prepping I found that I had more energy. I personally loved meal prepping, I like knowing when and what I got to eat. I was fueling my body with the proper nutrition. Besides loosing weight and body fat I noticed that my hair looked and felt healthier. Finally the overall confidence I gained is invaluable. I felt more comfortable in my own body, I mean you have to, you are in a tiny bikini on stage in front of everyone! 


The Bad 

The hardest part was the last 10 days leading up to the competition. This is when most will cut carbs. Then four days out you start to cut your water. As most of you know I LOVE my carbs so I only lasted three days before I put back my morning protein pancakes. I still felt exhausted all the time, during my workouts I couldn’t push myself and I did the bare minimum throughout the day so I didn’t waist any energy.  Then once I started water depleting it made it even harder. I kept thinking I was hungry but really I was just thirsty. I understand why athletes will cut their water but I had no idea it was so hard. I had really underestimated this portion of the process. The last 7 to 10 days are all mental. You are so close yet the last stretch was the hardest. 

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The best part was getting on stage! You have your hair all done up and make up looks amazing. After 12 weeks of meal prep and late night training sessions, it’s all worth it when you step up on that stage.

fullmu and hair

I got on stage and just had fun, I felt amazing in my bikini! Thank you to Lesia Crawford and Bilbo Baggs for this beautiful suit. I knew the moment I stepped on that stage that my life would change. I knew I wouldn’t be the same person win or loose. Honestly there is no “loosing” in this competition, EVERYONE is a winner. We are all wearing our trophy’s.  When I walked on stage I told myself lots of smiles, sass and ass!





Below are my before and after photos. I am still a little nervous posting this but I think its a great transformation! 12 weeks of hard work and detection. I loved competing,  even with all the good and bad parts I still LOVED IT. So much that I will be competing again in July 🙂 Now that I know a little bit more about the process I know the changes I need to make so hopefully I can take home a trophy!

before after

XoXo- Bella Hibbs

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