Day 1 – Phoenix Fashion Week 2015

IMG_2455edit VIPJordan and I edit

lily and I edit

With Lily V Designs

dresses runway blogPhotos By: Manikandan Vijayakumar of Mi Fashion Photos

front row

Phoenix Fashion Week Oct 1st was nothing short of top notch! They did a great job of kicking off this 3 day fashion show. There was a beautiful fire breathing woman, and 3 talented Elektro Botz! I’m not sure how they will be able to top such a great night. It was also so lovely being able to see my dear friend Lily V and her amazing runway collection! Above are just a few of my favorite pieces from her collection. You can check out her whole line as well as the other designers from night one at Mi Fashion Photos.

Outfit: Dress-, Necklace- H&M,  Shoes- Jessica Simpson

XoXo- Bella Hibbs

Photography By: Jordan Hibbs

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