Never go to the Gym Without a Plan!

As most of you know I travel a lot for work. Lucky not far just to New Mexico or LA. Even though I am working and traveling I still want to workout and eat healthy. My mom has a nice little gym up at her community center. ( Watch video below for workout session)

I workout almost every day in some way but if I don’t have my trainer I am so lost at the gym! I know kinda crazy! So before I go to the gym I always write something down so I know what I will be doing. If I don’t write a workout plan down I will be a lost puppy and just end up doing cardio.

For today’s workout session I wanted to do a lower body /cardio circuit. New Mexico is at a high elevation about the same of Flagstaff so by adding a little bit of cardio into my workout will really get my heart rate up!

bulgarian split lunge

Bulgarian Split Lunge


Here is my full circuit workout

Lower body workout

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