3 Networking Tips for Industry Events


Networking events can be a great source for new connections and generate jobs, but if you aren’t that great at networking you may end up dreading these events or may not even go. Here are 3 VERY easy tips to follow when going to a networking event. As always these tips work best when you continue to use them and practice over time till your a pro at networking.

BellaHibbs Phoenix Film Festival 2016

  1. Have a goal of what you want to accomplish. Don’t just go to event and not have a plan. Social media has made this easier than ever with Facebook events. You can see who is attending the event. Granted they might not actually make it but at least it gives you an idea of who is going and target certain people you would like to meet. Side note- I hate when people say they are going to an event but have no real intention of attending. So don’t be that person! 🙂
Jason and Bella Hibbs at the Phoenix Fim Festival 2016
Jason Isaak – Board Member of Arizona Production Association

2 . Listen to what they are saying, people love talking about themselves. Try and take an interested in the person outside of their job title. I always remember people who ask me about my hobbies. It makes the other person feel more at ease and that they are not just a means to an end to the other person.

Sophie and Bella Hibbs Phoenix Festival 2016
Sophia Good Faith Casting Spring Intern 2016

3. Know when to leave the conversation. Don’t linger! No one likes the awkwardness of someone who doesn’t know when to leave. Be aware of your surroundings and if you can see other people are also trying to talk to the same person then say thank you, get their business card and walk away. A great way to end a conversation is to ask if you can get a photo together. This is also perfect because then you can tag them later on social media. When you tag them later try to reference back to something they said in your conversation (that way it shows you were REALLY listening to them). This can be a great way to follow up with the person in a way that will make you stand out.

With these 3 simple tips you will become a master networker! So don’t dread networking parties, remember to just be yourself, have fun and follow these tips.

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