Post Show Update/Now What?

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Thank you to everyone for congratulating me on 4th place at Fitness Universe! I had a blast competing in a new system and  I truly felt at home! So many of you have been asking what’s next for me! Well first wine and then carbs.

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I have taken this past week to relax and slowly let my body recover not only from the show but 2 days of junk food. I guess I should feel bad about eating cupcakes, burgers and wine but I don’t, I mentally need the break and celebration!

Bella Hibbs stage shot 4th place

Even though I placed 4th I still went to the judges and asked for feedback. The main thing they said  I need to work on is my butt, which I have heard over and over from every show I compete in. So on Tuesday I started my reverse diet. I talked to Brad Hollingsworth and he told me that post competition time is the BEST time to help my body grow! So my reverse diet will still be very clean but very 3-5 days I will add in more carbs to my meals. By the end of the month I will have carbs in all my meals. I’m excited to start a lean bulk and bring a better package.

Bella Hibbs Bikini Model

I want to step on stage again because its so addicting but I need to take time and build. I have tentatively put down the dates of November 18th and 19th for nationals in Las Vegas. This would be a huge step in my fitness career to step on stage at a national show! This show will be huge, not only competitors across the country but the world will come out to compete! Before I fully commit to the show I want to see how my lean bulking season goes because my last “bulking season” I just hate whatever I wanted. Which was fun all but I didn’t really make the gainz I should have. I’m sure with Brad by my side I will have a great off season 🙂

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I will be uploading videos once a week, each video will be supplements, workouts,  healthy recipes and anything else I feel my viewers might enjoy 🙂 So be sure to follow or subscribe to my youtube channel!

XoXo- Bella Hibbs

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