Healthy Birthday Treat Alternatives

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Bella Hibbs The Complete Cookie

Nutrishop Paradise Valley- $2. 25

Spouts- Sometimes they have them on sale 3 for $5

Amazon– 12 pack for $25

Bella Hibbs Buff Bake

Nuritshop Paradise Valley- $12.99

Buff Bake– 3 pack on sale for $38.99

Bella Hibbs  Oh Yeah One Bars

Nuritshop Paradise Valley- 1 bar $2.50

OhYeah ONE Bar– 1 box of 12- $27.99

Bella Hibbs Walden Farms

Fry Food Store- $3.79

These are all fun and healthy birthday alternatives for ANY lifestyle. Best part too is that these treat are all SO yummy! Wishing all my July friends Happy Birthday’s!

XoXo- Bella Hibbs

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