5 Smith Machine Booty Exercises

Do you love lifting heavy? Do you not always have a coach or someone to spot you? Then you will LOVE the smith machine! The smith machine is on cables so it will stay in one place and if the weight gets to heavy worst case, you can drop it.  Also its great when you don’t have a full gym to work with. You can still get a seriously great workout with just this one machine.


These are 5 of my favorite glute smith machine workouts.

1. Hip Drive
2. Leg Press
3. Glute Kickback
4. Static Lunge
5. Sumo Squat

These are ALL great exercises to help build, shape and tone your glutes. Don’t be afraid to go heavy and lift some serious weight. If you are new to lifting weights start with the bar and make sure you are feeling it in the right places and getting good form before adding weights.


Here is the full workout video. Be sure to like and subscribe to my channel <3


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