5 Minute AB Routine

I get asked all the time what ab exercise I do! Honestly, in my “off-season” I only hit abs maybe once or twice a week.  I will be stepping on stage June 23rd so I have been doing abs every night!

Check out my youtube video to see my whole routine!

Also, can we take a second to admire these super cute leggings!

Bella hibbs fitness blogger style

If you are new to my blog let me say I like to bargain shop! I don’t pay Lululemon prices. I love the look and quality but can’t spend that much on spandex. When I saw these leggings for only $22 on Amazon I had to get them! They are GREAT quality and fit true to size.


This crop top sports bra was from Target’s JoyLab collection. Honestly, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have cute workout clothes!

Here are the links to my outfit. I wore a size small in both.

Sports bra: Target

Leggings: Amazon

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Bella Hibbs

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