Gym Bag Essentials For Women

Best Gym Bags by Bella Hibbs of Hibbs Life & Style

Why have a gym bag? Having a gym bag is going to help keep you organized and accountable. If you have a gym bag all ready and packed you are more likely to hit the gym after work! And with this cute gym bag why wouldn’t you want to workout?



The trick to a successful gym bag is to plan ahead and pack everything you need the night before!


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this matching outfit from Calvin Klien! I love the floral patterns and my summer obsessions are sports bra crop tops.

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I am a very practical person so I only pack what I truly need that way I won’t forget anything! My top 3 items would be headphones, socks, and makeup wipes! To see the whole list be sure to check out my youtube video!


Outfit Details:

Sports Bra: Exact

Leggings: Exact

Gym Bag: Exact

Shoes: Exact

Water Bottle: Similar

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

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  1. This bag is so cute and its not bulky. Perfect as a workout bag, I’d love to have one of these!

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