My Current Workout Routine

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Fashion Blogger Bella Hibbs shares her fitness routine

Check out Hibbs Life and Style for fitness, fashion, and more! #fitnessblogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #FitnessBlogger

Bella Hibbs Fitness Faishon Blogger shares fitness routine

Bella Hibbs Fitness Fashion Blogger shares advice about workouts

Check out this blog post for fitness tips! Bella Hibbs shares her curent workout routine

As of right now, I won’t be doing another bikini competition again this year which means my workout routine has changed. I have been getting a ton of questions on social media about what is different now.

I still pay for a coach during my offseason, this helps with accountability. If you are interested in having someone set up your nutrition and workouts check out my coach, Brad! He makes plans for competitors and for people who are looking to have a healthier lifestyle, send him an email to see if he can help with your fitness goals,Β

Workout Routine

I warm up for 5-10 minutes before all my workouts. On leg days I warm up with glute activation.


Examples: lying leg curls, glute kickbacks, walking lunges etc

Tuesday- back/shoulders

Examples- assisted pulls ups, standing shoulder press, seated rows etc

Wednesdayglutes/thighs/compound movements

Examples- sumo squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts etc

Thursday– chest/biceps/triceps

Examples- bench press, hammer curls, assisted dips etc


Examples- squats, leg press, leg extensions etc

Saturday cardio or HITT, 30 to 45 mins


As far as reps and sets, right now I’m trying to lift heavy and hit new PR’s (personal record). So that being said I’m doing lower reps 10 to 12 for 3 rounds. When I train glutes I do 15 reps for 4 rounds.Β Find what works best for you and your goals πŸ™‚

Outfit Details:

Top: Exact

Leggings: Similar

Shoes: Exact

Sunglasses: Exact

Backpack: Exact

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16 thoughts on “My Current Workout Routine

    1. aw thanks for checking out my blog! I post full workout videos on my youtube channel if you need ideas for workouts!

  1. LOVE your top in this post! And I finally got up the courage to use the assisted pull-up machine in the gym, so I’ve added that to my routine! Baby steps!

  2. So stylish! (And fit). I’ve getting injured quite a bit from running and I was told strength training helps. I’ll look into some of these exercises!

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