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The melting pot table featuring their cheese founde

Melting Pot arizona location, cheese bread and veggies

You may know that the melting pot is famous for their cheese and chocolate fondue but The Melting Pot just introduced the new grill cooking style to their menu! I suggest doing the 4-course dinner to get the full experience. This comes with the cheese fondue, salad, chocolate fondue and of course the grill cooking style.

We started with the cheese fondue, classic alpine and the spinach artichoke that comes with veggies, meats, and pretzel bread. Remember this is just the first course, so don’t fill up on cheese and bread. Then I had the farm fresh California salad, this was mixed greens, candied pecans, gorgonzola, and a housemade raspberry walnut vinaigrette! This was very refreshing to have after eating cheese and bread.

farm fresh California salad from Melting Pot

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The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style

At this point, your server will switch out your cheese pots and place the grill in front of you (along with your assorted meats and veggies). Don’t worry if you don’t eat meat, they even have a vegetarian option! Your server will tell you cooking times for each meat, then you can start placing on the grill along with your veggies. It also offers 6 different sauces and your server will tell you which ones pair best together. The Melting Pot provides a great experience, where people aren’t on their phones but are actually talking and enjoying each others company.

The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style

The new grill cooking style was delicious! We had beef, scallops, pork, chicken breasts, and wild mushroom sacchetti. I personally don’t eat red meat but the other table guests raved about how good it was. I personally loved the wild mushroom, and the scallops was divine.

The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style- Meat option

The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style- veggie option

It wouldn’t be the melting pot without chocolate fondue! There are 8 different chocolate fondue to choose from but we went with the caramel toffee crunch.  This comes with a plate of fruits, cookie bites, oreo powdered marshmallows and more! Talk about the perfect way to end an amazing dinner. We were not able to finish all the dessert and they were kind enough to box it up so we could enjoy later, which I defiantly did.

The Melting Pot - chocolate fondue with fruits/cookies

This four-course dinner costs $49.95, and the vegetation option is a little cheaper at $25.95 (these prices may vary from state to state). If you don’t have time for a four-course dinner, The Melting Pot has happy hour Monday- Friday 4pm to 6pm so you can stop in for a glass of wine and cheese fondue. Beyond the amazing food, The Melting Pot offers an experience to get off our phones, talk face to face and celebrate with friends and family. All 3 Arizona locations are now offering this new grill cooking style at their locations so stop in to try their new menu ideas along with some old favorites.

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