Healthy High Protein Snack for the New Year!

Fitness blogger gets healthy in 2019

Going into the new year I’m sure you have lots of amazing goals that have something to do with health and fitness! As you may know, that diet is the most important part of any weight loss goal, but some habits are hard to break.

I personally love to snack all day long but that can add up to a lot of unwanted calories. The best way to succeed with your goals is to identify your habits and see if you can find a healthy substitution.

Today I’m sharing with you an amazing high protein snack that will keep you on track this year! Saffron Road chickpeas are packed with 6 grams of protein, vegan and come in lots of different flavors so you won’t get bored.

Saffron Road Chickpeas Snacks

tasty high protein snack for the new year

These Saffron Roads chickpeas can be eaten on their own as a snack or you can add a little extra protein to your salads or hummus. I personally love just eating them on their own and I love the wasabi flavor! The wasabi flavor is very spicy, I personally love that spice but if you don’t then go for the classic sea salt flavor. This snack has really helped me be able to snack throughout the day without satisfying my goals. I feel good about eating them since there are 6 grams of protein per serving and very filling. You can buy the bag or they also have individual packages that are great lunches.

Fitness blogger shares high protein snack

Here is a list of all their flavors they sell on Amazon! As you can see these chickpeas are very healthy and a great addition to your meal plan. Plus you have to try their new flavor salted caramel, these are so tasty. There is a little less protein for the salted caramel but it’s great if you want something sweet. I also suggest measuring out the salted cameral ones so you are eating the correct serving size.

Chickapea flavors, Saffron Road high snack

High protein snack for the new year

You can find Saffron Road products on Amazon, Safeway and a few other grocery stores depending on where you live, I suggest using the store locator on their website. Overall I can’t recommend these chickpeas enough!

Photography by Phuong Nguyen at PNK Fotography

The Saffron Road graciously sent me products to try, but as always, opinions expressed on Hibbs Life & Style are independent and comprehensive.

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