Girls Night At Desert Ridge – Sip & Stroll

Desert Ridge Marketplace's New Sip and Stroll

The holidays are in full swing with less than 20 days till Christmas. Before family comes to town and you start hosting dinners or events take a girl’s night at Desert Ridge Marketplace!

A couple of friends and I headed up to Desert Ridge Marketplace to try out their new Sip and Stroll plus have a girl’s night. This new feature, Sip, and Stroll is where you can grab a drink and walk around outside. This time of year in Arizona is why we live here, the most perfect weather. Though this is an outside bar they will still ID you and give you a wrist band to make sure you are of age to drink. Desert Ridge is a family-friendly shopping center and I remind everyone to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Blogger checking out the new Sip and Stroll at Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge Sip and Stroll

Wine at Desert Ridge's Sip and Stroll

Bella Hibbs blogger trying out the new Sip and Stroll at Desert Ridge

This is great for people who don’t want to do all the shopping or just reward yourself after you get all your shopping done. The bar station is located right outside CB Live and you can order wine, signature cocktails, beer, and even hard seltzers. There is a little bit for everyone. As always I got chardonnay because you all know how much I love my wine. Jess and Jessica got Truly hard seltzers, which taste amazing. Right outside of CB Live there is a big screen that they will put on movies or football games which would be perfect for everyone in the family. Plus if you have kids they can go play on a small playground where they can run and climb on it.

Bloggers at the Desert Ridge Marketplace

Blogger at Desert Ridge Before I Die Wall

Desert Ridge Marketplace does such a good job of adding new fun murals or interactive art! We got to write on their Before I Die wall, with some of our goals, it was a lot of fun. They provide chalk on the side, plus it’s fun to read everyone else’s goals.

Fashion blogger Bella Hibbs at Desert Ridge for the new Sip and Stroll

You can walk around within Desert Ridge Marketplace with a drink but you must stay within certain boundaries that are clearly marked throughout the marketplace. If you have any questions there will be security guards to help you. It’s so nice to be able to relax with a drink and walk around outside. After we got a drink we did a little shopping. A brand new H&M just opened up in Desert Ridge and it has all the cutest fall clothes that you need. Plus a brand new VS Pink store right next door. You can get all your holiday shopping done in one spot this year.

Desert Ridge Marketplace Sip and Stroll

Fashion Bloggers at Desert Ridge for the Sip and Stroll

Blogger at Desert Ridge for Sip and Stroll

If you are looking for a fun girls night or just a relaxing time outdoors head to Desert Ridge Marketplace. The Sip and Stroll is available on Fridays from 4 pm to 12 am, Saturday from 12 pm to 12 am and Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm with the last call thirty minutes before. Plus Desert Ridge Marketplace has lots of restaurants that you can go enjoy dinner or happy hour at! I just love this new feature they offer, so go check out their new Sip & Stroll and tell me what you think! 🙂


Photography by The Clark Photography

Desert Ridge Marketplace graciously hosted us, but as always, opinions expressed on Hibbs Life & Style are independent and comprehensive. Bella Hibbs is the founder and CEO of Hibbs Life & Style and holds a degree in Hospitality and Tourism with a specialization in hotel management.

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