The New Protein Bar Taking Over the Market- Atlas Protein Bars

Atlas Protein Bar Fitness Blogger

Atlas Protein Bar that has 15 grams of protein

Fitness blogger shares Atlas Protein Bars

Atlas Protein Bars are the new best

Fitness Blogger Bella Hibbs shares why At

Fitness Blogger

Blogger Bella Hibbs Shares The Newest Protein Bar

If you are in need of a high protein healthy new snack than you have to check out Atlas protein bars! Let me be the first to say over the years I have tried probably tried every protein bar on the market. I use to eat Quest bars like they were going out of style but a few years back they changed their formulas and I no longer like their bars. So I was on the hunt for a new bar that fit my needs. Most protein bars either aren’t all that healthy or they taste very dry and chalky. I tried Atlas bars last October and I was totally hooked, these are the best bars I have tried. Atlas protein bars are truly taking over the market because they taste so good.

Atlas bars were around 200 to 220 calories depending on the flavor, 15 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar (naturally sweetened with monk fruit) and 4-5 net carbs! You really couldn’t ask for a better protein bar. Atlas protein bars launched 3 new flavors last fall, mint chocolate chip, almond chocolate chip and peanut butter & raspberry. These bars not chalky at all and have so much flavor. Plus protein bars are great on those long busy work days and you can order them on directly or on Amazon!

Photography by Stacey Poterson


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