Easy & Healthy Smoothie For On The Go Lifestyles!

Tasty smoothie on the go Revive Superfoods

Revive Superfoods Smoothie

Revive Superfoods Smoothie

Smoothie Revive Superfoods

Lifestyle blogger shares about Revive Superfoods Smoothies


I don’t know about you but I wear many hats at my job so I need products that work with my busy lifestyle. Most days I’m auditioning actors and models, but I am also teaching workshops and running my social media channels. So when Revive Superfoods reached out about their ready to blend smoothies, I was intrigued.

These smoothies have all the ingredients in the cup and all you have to do is add your preferred liquid and blend! I use almond milk to blend my smoothies and they taste great. They have tons of different flavors Pink Dragon, Grass is Greener, Matcha Maker plus so many more flavors. You can choose from 15 different flavored smoothies that are packed with fruits and veggies.

Theses smoothies get delivered right to your door each week or month. They are packed with dry ice to keep everything cold and fresh in case you’re not home to put away.

These smoothies are perfect for a busy morning or in-between work meetings. I just pour and blend, that’s it! Through their website, they have made it very easy to skip a month or cancel at any time. Also if you are interested in trying out new flavors you can always mix it up each week/month.

Revive Superfoods reached out to me and gave me an awesome discount code for my followers/readers of 60% off your first box with code “BELLAHIBBS60“. That means 9 smoothies for only $20.70!

Once you try them come back and let me which flavor is your favorite! Right now I’m loving this pink dragon smoothie!

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