Healthy Choices for 4th of July Festivities

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With 4th of July just a few days away you are probably in the process of planning your patriotic outfit! But what are you going to eat to stay on track with your goals? Don’t worry I got you all. In this blog, I have outfit inspirations and healthy snack options for all your backyard barbeques.

Bella Hibbs Fashion Fitness Blogger in Scottsdale Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for inspiration!

This off the shoulder shirt is lightweight which is perfect for staying cool in these high temps ( Arizona will be 107!)ย  You can dress this outfit up with bold chunky earrings or dress down to be more casual.

Bella Hibbs Fashion Fitness Blogger in Scottsdale Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for inspiration!


My unlimited favorite healthy snack is watermelon! Watermelon is 90% water so it is low in calories and keeps you hydrated! Also, watermelons are packed with Vitamin A and C!ย  If you are looking or a high protein snack to bring with you, check out my youtube video! Going to a barbeque you have options to eat healthily, go for the protein to keep you full. You can also snack on veggies through the day! But life is about balance to enjoy a cookie or treat but all in moderation. ๐Ÿ™‚


This red sexy one piece will make you stand out at any 4th of July pool party! And the best part is the price tag, only $21( and its prime so get TODAY and have for July 4th)! The bold red color makes for a perfect patriotic outfit! Now throw on some sunglasses and relax by the pool this holiday! I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July! Full outfit details down below.



Outfit 1 Details:

Top: Similar

Earrings: Exact, Similar

Outfit 2 Details:

Swimsuit: Exact

Sunglasses: Exact

Water Bottle: Similar

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Gym Bag Essentials For Women

Best Gym Bags by Bella Hibbs of Hibbs Life & Style

Why have a gym bag? Having a gym bag is going to help keep you organized and accountable. If you have a gym bag all ready and packed you are more likely to hit the gym after work! And with this cute gym bag why wouldn’t you want to workout?



The trick to a successful gym bag is to plan ahead and pack everything you need the night before!


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this matching outfit from Calvin Klien! I love the floral patterns and my summer obsessions are sports bra crop tops.

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fitness and fashion inpiration!

I am a very practical person so I only pack what I truly need that way I won’t forget anything! My top 3 items would be headphones, socks, and makeup wipes! To see the whole list be sure to check out my youtube video!


Outfit Details:

Sports Bra: Exact

Leggings: Exact

Gym Bag: Exact

Shoes: Exact

Water Bottle: Similar

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Calorie BURNING HIIT Workout | Full Body Cardio + Abs

I get asked all the time for more videos on abs! And I totally get it, who doesn’t want a nice toned tummy. Myย  new video is not only about abs BUT also its a fat burning HITT workout. This way you will burn calories and strengthen up your abs. The lower body fat you have the more your abs will show.

For this whole workout you will work for 45 seconds then 15 seconds of rest times 4 rounds. This is a very go go go workout and the “rest” is really you just moving to the next exercise. That way your heart rate will stay high and burn more calories, which who doesn’t want that.

Watch the full video to see this great workout and be sure to subscribe to my channel.


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5 Smith Machine Booty Exercises

Do you love lifting heavy? Do you not always have a coach or someone to spot you? Then you will LOVE the smith machine! The smith machine is on cables so it will stay in one place and if the weight gets to heavy worst case, you can drop it.ย  Also its great when you don’t have a full gym to work with. You can still get a seriously great workout with just this one machine.


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