Testarossa Winery: A great winery outside of Napa with a rich history

Testaroosa Winery

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My recent trip to Northern California was the perfect escape from the Arizona heat. While in California, we wanted to explore some wineries but going to Napa Valley was just too far from where we were staying. I was happy to find Testarossa Winery which is truly a hidden treat in downtown Los Gatos, California.

A Little History of the Winery

In 1888, Jesuit Fathers and Brothers of Santa Clara University built the Novitiate Winery to fund their seminary college. And it was interesting to learn that during prohibition, they were one of only a few wineries to stay open because they made altar wine. Flash forward to 1986, they decided to shut down the novitiate winery and would lease the property to winemakers. Then in 1997, Rob and Diana Jenson moved their home production to the Notviaitae. The Jensens started Testarossa in their garage in 1993 with only 25 cases of wine.

Testarossa wine tour with a rich history

The Winery Tour

If you know me at all, you know I love wine! I especially love Chardonnay and 40% of Testarossa’s production is Chardonnay! But I can admit I don’t know a whole lot about the winemaking process. Back in college, I took a bar and beverage class when I was 19 and learned all about wine, beer, and spirits. Since I wasn’t old enough to drink a lot of the information went over my head. Taking this guided tour of Testarossa’s wine cellars brought back so much of what I learned in college and more! The tour takes you from the grapevine, all the way through their on-site bottling center. We even got to enjoy a bottle of chardonnay throughout the tour of the property. The tour takes about an hour from start to finish (maybe a little less since I was taking a lot of photos). Once we finished the tour, we started the wine tasting!

fashion blogger exploring the wine making process at testarossa winery in Los Gatos

Wine tour at Testarossa Winery, with a rich wine history

The Wine Tasting

Once we finished the winery tour, we did the wine tasting in the members-only club which was a covered balcony with twinkle lights that overlooked the green scenery. We tried five wines: 2 Chardonnays and 3 Pinot Noirs. We also had the five-cheese plate and the fruit plate which paired nicely with the wines we tasted. The overall experience was outstanding! Like I mentioned before, I don’t know a lot about wine but our server explained each wine to us which made everyone feel comfortable with the tasting. There was also a live band playing downstairs which created a great atmosphere to relax and enjoy great wines. If you are in Northern California, Testarossa is a must see.

Testarossa Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting not in Napa Valley, Testarossa winery

Testarossa Wine Tasting

Fashion Blogger Wine Tasting, outfit inspo

Fashion bloggering wine tasting at Testarossa Winery outside of Napa Valley

The perfect wine tasting outfit at Testarossa Winery

Food blogger at Testarossa Winery enjoy wine and fruit plates

Testarossa wine tour fashion blogger wine outfit perfect for wine tours

What to wear to a winery tour and tasting full outfit

Fashion blogger outfit for wine tour and tasting outside of napa valley, Testarossa Winery

Fun Fact: Testarossa means “red head” in Italian!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Exact

Skirt: Exact

Earrings: Exact

Shoes: Exact

Purse: Exact

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Disclaimer – I did receive a free wine tasting in exchange for a review but I express all my own opinions in this blog.

Extreme Upper Body Workout | PLUS My Favorite Sweet Treat!


Happy Monday!

Be sure to watch the youtube video to see the full upper body workout. So when I’m on my period I crave sugar, which is odd for me because I’m more a carbs person. Anway I tried these low-calorie ice cream bars from Enlightened and they are hands down amazing!

Enlightened ice cream bars

The bars range from 80 to 100 calories depending on which flavor you get, I opt for coffee most times but I have also tried the mint chip and caramel! No matter what flavor you pick you can’t go wrong. For me, this is a guilt-free treat that curves my sugar cravings just enough without breaking my meal plan.  Comment below and let me know if you have tried these bars and which flavor is your favorite!

Outfit Details:

Pants: Exact

Shoes: Exact



High Protein Snacks At the Store

We have all day those days where we are running late and don’t have any food. In this blog, I will show you 5 high protein snacks you can pick up at the grocery store.  I like to opt for higher protein foods because protein keeps you fuller longer. You can also tune into my youtube video HERE.

Quest Protein Chips – 21 grams of protein

These chips seriously taste amazing and they are healthy! Quest chips are also a great way to satisfy your chip cravings.

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fitness and fashion inpiration!

Tuna Packet18 grams of protein

This packet all ready for you to eat! It even comes with a little fork to mix it all together!


Muscle Milk 25 grams of protein

I personally only like the chocolate flavor but they also have a vanilla. The vanilla is just a little too sweet for me. You can grab a banana for a complex carb and you will have a full meal.


Greek Yogurt– 11 grams of protein

Greek yogurt is a good source of protein and probiotic which promotes a healthy gut.


Granola – 10 grams of protein

While this brand of granola has 10 grams of protein be sure you are measuring out the correct serving size. It’s easy to snack on this granola because of its amazing taste, but we don’t want mindless eating.

TIP: Get the greek yogurt and protein granola and mix together for 21 grams of protein! The granola adds a satisfying crunch to your snack.


P3, Portable Protein Pack 17 grams of protein

P3 has a few different flavors you can choose from and the protein varies from 11 grams to 17. Protein helps you stay fuller longer so I go for the greater protein option.


These are all great high protein options you can grab at your local grocery store! Drop a note below if you have any high protein snacks!

What to Wear to a Casual Weekend Brunch in Arizona

new blog pics bella hibbs

I love brunch, I mean who doesn’t really? Most of the year I’m on a strict diet plan so going to brunch is enjoyable because breakfast food can be modified for healthier options. Now I personally love wearing leggings to pretty much any event but when I’m meeting up with girlfriends for brunch I make an effort to look trendy.

In Arizona, it is way too hot to dress fancy for brunch so I opt for casual chic. This red off the shoulder top is casual and the color pops so well but is a nice thin comfortable material. To dress up this outfit I added some bold chunky white earrings with a yellow watch! Colors are a great way to make an outfit seem more dressy! My summer staple is white pants, I just have to be careful I don’t spill anything. Then to round off this outfit I went with keds.


Bella hibbs chic brunch outfit

Bella Hibbs fitness blogger protein bar

Bella Hibbs brunch outfit

bella hibbs fashin blogger guess watch yellow

Outfit Details:

Top: ExactSimilar 

Jeans: Similar

Shoes: Similar / Similar

Watch: Exact

Earrings: Exact

Protein Bar: Exact

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Healthy Choices for 4th of July Festivities

Hi loves!

With 4th of July just a few days away you are probably in the process of planning your patriotic outfit! But what are you going to eat to stay on track with your goals? Don’t worry I got you all. In this blog, I have outfit inspirations and healthy snack options for all your backyard barbeques.

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This off the shoulder shirt is lightweight which is perfect for staying cool in these high temps ( Arizona will be 107!)  You can dress this outfit up with bold chunky earrings or dress down to be more casual.

Bella Hibbs Fashion Fitness Blogger in Scottsdale Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for inspiration!


My unlimited favorite healthy snack is watermelon! Watermelon is 90% water so it is low in calories and keeps you hydrated! Also, watermelons are packed with Vitamin A and C!  If you are looking or a high protein snack to bring with you, check out my youtube video! Going to a barbeque you have options to eat healthily, go for the protein to keep you full. You can also snack on veggies through the day! But life is about balance to enjoy a cookie or treat but all in moderation. 🙂


This red sexy one piece will make you stand out at any 4th of July pool party! And the best part is the price tag, only $21( and its prime so get TODAY and have for July 4th)! The bold red color makes for a perfect patriotic outfit! Now throw on some sunglasses and relax by the pool this holiday! I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July! Full outfit details down below.



Outfit 1 Details:

Top: Similar

Earrings: Exact, Similar

Outfit 2 Details:

Swimsuit: Exact

Sunglasses: Exact

Water Bottle: Similar

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography