Easter Outfit for Women from Amazon

Fashion blogger shares Easter Outfit from Amazon

Fashion blogger shares Easter Outfit from Amazon

Amazon fashion dress for Easter

Bella Hibbs

Fashion blogger shares Easter Outfit from Amazon

Bella Hibbs

Easter is just around the corner! I’m very excited because this year my sister and her husband are going to come to Arizona for Easter, ( they live in D.C.). We are going to go to some of the local resorts in Scottsdale to have a fun relaxing weekend plus family time for Easter. I got this dress on Amazon for only $36 plus it comes in 3 different colors ( light pink, yellow and light blue, all perfect for Easter or spring). I love this dress from Amazon, it’s got pretty lace and is so flirty.  While Rob and I don’t have kids, Rob has a 7-year-old nephew so we do an Easter egg hunt and lots of candy. Comment below what your plans are for Easter.

Photography by Stacey Poterson

Edgy Women’s Valentine’s Day Outfit

Fashion blogger shares chic valentines day outfit

Sexy Edgy Valentines Day 2020 outfit for Women

Sexy Edgy Valentines Day outfit for Women

Edgy Valentines Day outfit for Women

Edgy Valentines Day outfit for WomenFashion blogger Bella Hibbs shares lace and velvet tank top of Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Sharing this fun edgy and chic outfit that is perfect for a night out on the town. Last week I shared Valentine’s Day Sweaters but if you are looking for something a little bit more edgy and chic then this outfit is for you! This velvet and lace tank top I found on amazon and totally fell in love with the different textures. I’m guilty of not really knowing our Valentines Day plans this year, Rob and I both work so we might just do something low key this year.  Comment down below with your Valentine’s Day plans?

The Best Valentine’s Day Sweaters For 2020

The Best Valentine’s Day Sweaters For 2020

Happy February everyone! Valentine’s day is closely approaching and today I’m sharing trendy sweaters for 2020. I got this off the shoulder bright red top on amazon and immediately fell in love with it. You can dress this sweater down for a comfy night in or dress it up for a hot date night.  Today I’m also sharing other fashionable and affordable Valentine sweaters that you will fall in love with! Tell me about your Valentine Day plans below.

Fashion Blogger Shares The Best Valentine’s Day Sweaters For 2020

Red Sweater for Valentines Day From Amazon

The Best Valentine’s Day Sweaters For 2020

Valentine's Day Fashion Outfit

BThe Best Valentine’s Day Sweaters For 2020

Fashion Blogger Shares Trendy Red Sweater for Valentines Day

Photography by Stacey Poterson

My Journey in Finding Work / Life / Fitness Balance

Fitness blogger Bella Hibbs share work/life/fitness blance

Fitness blogger Bella Hibbs share tips for fitness/work balance

Fitness blogger Bella Hibbs share tips for fitness/work balance

Fitness blogger Bella Hibbs share work/life/fitness blance

Fitness blogger Bella Hibbs in Pink workout sweater

I get a lot of questions on how I find time to workout or make fitness a priority when I run my own business and have now started my own conference. Well, in short, I don’t always feel like I have total balance over work, life, and fitness but I do have some tips that have helped me over the years.

  1.  Two nights on and one night off rule- Years ago I watched a YouTube video about only allowing two nights in a row of events/meetings/gatherings and then by the third night you should “take a night off”. This rule for me has really helped me learn to say no, which we will talk more about next. So when I’m planning events or thinking about accepting an invitation I look at my calendar first that way I don’t spread myself too thin. It can be tempting to say yes to every event/meeting/gathering but you have to be realistic with your time.
  2. Learning to say no- I have a hard time being a people pleaser and I say yes, yes and yes to everything without being realistic of my limitations. Learning to say no or prioritize certain events over others. By saying no to events or gatherings gives me time to meal prep, workout or just spend time with my husband and dog. I can’t stress this tip enough, by saying no you are taking care of yourself.
  3. Timing- Figure out your best timing to work out. Personally, for me, I am a morning person, so if I know I have a jammed pack day I will get up extra early to work out. I know after a long day there is very little chance I will go to the gym so I make sure do it first thing in the morning.
  4. Goal setting– Have a clear fitness plan. Are you looking to lose weight, maintain or gain? Over the holidays I get pretty lax with my diet but I also give my body time to rest and enjoy the holidays. For the spring I kick it into high gear and go back to regular workout sessions and clean up my diet. You have do have clear goals in order to find balance. Ask yourself what do you want from your fitness plan, then find a way to add it into your routine.
  5. Staying motivated– The best thing to help stay motivated is to have a good tribe. Find a group of friends or group training classes and this will help keep you motivated to show up. When your around like minded people it will help you stay on track.
  6. Give yourself a Break- Truly sometimes in life, some things have to take a backseat, that’s just the way it is. So don’t beat yourself up if fitness isn’t your first priority, you are doing the best you can in that moment. When I launched my conference it was right after Thanksgiving, so between all the holiday madness and getting this conference off the ground I didn’t workout that much. I used my time to focus on my new business and that’s okay! Learning not to beat yourself up or feel guilty about missing a workout is so important for your mental health.

I hope you use these tips and that they help you find your journey with fitness, work and life. Again I feel like I’m just figuring out as I go but that’s okay. Keep going after your dreams and everything will workout.

Photography by Stacey Poterson

The New Protein Bar Taking Over the Market- Atlas Protein Bars

Atlas Protein Bar Fitness Blogger

Atlas Protein Bar that has 15 grams of protein

Fitness blogger shares Atlas Protein Bars

Atlas Protein Bars are the new best

Fitness Blogger Bella Hibbs shares why At

Fitness Blogger

Blogger Bella Hibbs Shares The Newest Protein Bar

If you are in need of a high protein healthy new snack than you have to check out Atlas protein bars! Let me be the first to say over the years I have tried probably tried every protein bar on the market. I use to eat Quest bars like they were going out of style but a few years back they changed their formulas and I no longer like their bars. So I was on the hunt for a new bar that fit my needs. Most protein bars either aren’t all that healthy or they taste very dry and chalky. I tried Atlas bars last October and I was totally hooked, these are the best bars I have tried. Atlas protein bars are truly taking over the market because they taste so good.

Atlas bars were around 200 to 220 calories depending on the flavor, 15 grams of protein, 3 grams of sugar (naturally sweetened with monk fruit) and 4-5 net carbs! You really couldn’t ask for a better protein bar. Atlas protein bars launched 3 new flavors last fall, mint chocolate chip, almond chocolate chip and peanut butter & raspberry. These bars not chalky at all and have so much flavor. Plus protein bars are great on those long busy work days and you can order them on directly or on Amazon!

Photography by Stacey Poterson


The Best Part of Blogging!

If you are thinking about starting a blog, you totally should! I have been blogging consistently for a year now and I love it. Personally, for me blogging is my creative outlet, I get to create content and tell my story in fact, any story I want.

Why You Should Start a Blog This Year!



Why I love blogging


If you don’t know my day job is I’m a casting director at Good Faith Casting in Arizona and LA. A casting director’s job is to find the right talent for auditions and present the best actors to the director or client. What most people don’t know is that casting directors don’t get the final say on who should be cast. While I love casting I don’t get to make those creative decisions and that was a big reason why I wanted to create my own blog.

Like I said blogging became my creative outlet. It was something that I could do and control, yes I know I’m totally a control freak and probably why I could never be an actor! Blogging is more than taking pretty photos, it’s about telling a story. That story can be used to help others or just a place to vent.

Also blogging is a great way to meet new people and make new friendships. I think we can all agree as an adult making friends is so hard so it’s nice that the blogging community has been really welcoming to me.

Finally, the best part of blogging is you can blog ANYWHERE. Not many jobs or hobbies allow this kind of flexibility. I have had some great collaborations while I travel too. I am able to pitch to companies all across the US, which is really exciting.

Blogging is what you make of it. If you put in the work you can really grow your blog fast or it can be the escape people are looking for. Again if you have ever thought of starting a blog or youtube channel, just start! I really wish I had started sooner, not only is it fun but you make friends and have a creative outlet.

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography


Bloopers of 2019 – Fashion Blogger Edition

Social media, especially Instagram has become a highlight reel. This means people not only will post the most perfect photos but a lot of work goes into creating these “sets” or “allusions”.

I’m not here judging anyone, trust me I get it and I’m 100% guilty of staging or taking a million photos just to get the perfect shot. But I want to stay humble and show the reality of some photos and that life isn’t always picture perfect. So enjoy some of my blog bloopers of 2019!

  1. Hangry blogger. The running joke between my sister and I, is that she won’t feed me “the blogger” till we get the shot. Once I eat I get sleepy so we will shoot a ton of content then eat once it’s all done.

2. When the background doesn’t always go as planned.


-this photo was a hard one to get the shoot because it was crazy humid in a black leather dress plus we had to wait for the crosswalk say walk then run into the middle of the street take a few photos and then run back!


-Had the idea to take cute farmhouse winery photos only to realize the outhouse was literally pointing at me!


3. Half the photos I take my eyes are always closed!

4. Having long hair and dealing with crazy Arizona heat or Washington DC humidity is always a mess.

5. Forgot to smile for the camera

Here are a few more random bloopers from the year!

Bella Hibbs Fashion blogger bloopers

Bella Hibbs food blogger bloopers

-Not allowed to eat the food till after we get the photo!

Bella Hibbs Fashion blogger blooper looks

Funny blogger bloopers

B33A3816 2

– Tried to take a blogger “fall leaf photo”, defiantly was a fail!

Blogger dog fail photo

Last but not least, my favorite photo with Marley! He does not like taking photos or videos. I swear as soon as he see’s a camera he turns his head but instead he gave us a very sassy look for this photo!

I love going through and seeing all the bloopers, and it’s a good reminder that life is not picture perfect. But I guess the more photos you take the better chances you will get just the right shot. I hope you all enjoy the rest of 2019 and I will see you in 2020.

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography


Girls Night At Desert Ridge – Sip & Stroll

Desert Ridge Marketplace's New Sip and Stroll

The holidays are in full swing with less than 20 days till Christmas. Before family comes to town and you start hosting dinners or events take a girl’s night at Desert Ridge Marketplace!

A couple of friends and I headed up to Desert Ridge Marketplace to try out their new Sip and Stroll plus have a girl’s night. This new feature, Sip, and Stroll is where you can grab a drink and walk around outside. This time of year in Arizona is why we live here, the most perfect weather. Though this is an outside bar they will still ID you and give you a wrist band to make sure you are of age to drink. Desert Ridge is a family-friendly shopping center and I remind everyone to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Blogger checking out the new Sip and Stroll at Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge Sip and Stroll

Wine at Desert Ridge's Sip and Stroll

Bella Hibbs blogger trying out the new Sip and Stroll at Desert Ridge

This is great for people who don’t want to do all the shopping or just reward yourself after you get all your shopping done. The bar station is located right outside CB Live and you can order wine, signature cocktails, beer, and even hard seltzers. There is a little bit for everyone. As always I got chardonnay because you all know how much I love my wine. Jess and Jessica got Truly hard seltzers, which taste amazing. Right outside of CB Live there is a big screen that they will put on movies or football games which would be perfect for everyone in the family. Plus if you have kids they can go play on a small playground where they can run and climb on it.

Bloggers at the Desert Ridge Marketplace

Blogger at Desert Ridge Before I Die Wall

Desert Ridge Marketplace does such a good job of adding new fun murals or interactive art! We got to write on their Before I Die wall, with some of our goals, it was a lot of fun. They provide chalk on the side, plus it’s fun to read everyone else’s goals.

Fashion blogger Bella Hibbs at Desert Ridge for the new Sip and Stroll

You can walk around within Desert Ridge Marketplace with a drink but you must stay within certain boundaries that are clearly marked throughout the marketplace. If you have any questions there will be security guards to help you. It’s so nice to be able to relax with a drink and walk around outside. After we got a drink we did a little shopping. A brand new H&M just opened up in Desert Ridge and it has all the cutest fall clothes that you need. Plus a brand new VS Pink store right next door. You can get all your holiday shopping done in one spot this year.

Desert Ridge Marketplace Sip and Stroll

Fashion Bloggers at Desert Ridge for the Sip and Stroll

Blogger at Desert Ridge for Sip and Stroll

If you are looking for a fun girls night or just a relaxing time outdoors head to Desert Ridge Marketplace. The Sip and Stroll is available on Fridays from 4 pm to 12 am, Saturday from 12 pm to 12 am and Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm with the last call thirty minutes before. Plus Desert Ridge Marketplace has lots of restaurants that you can go enjoy dinner or happy hour at! I just love this new feature they offer, so go check out their new Sip & Stroll and tell me what you think! 🙂


Photography by The Clark Photography

Desert Ridge Marketplace graciously hosted us, but as always, opinions expressed on Hibbs Life & Style are independent and comprehensive. Bella Hibbs is the founder and CEO of Hibbs Life & Style and holds a degree in Hospitality and Tourism with a specialization in hotel management.

Easy Thanksgiving Outfits For Women 2019

Well, Halloween is officially over and in my mind, that means the holidays begin! Thanksgiving is very late this year, November 28th which means after Thanksgiving it will be less than 30 days before Christmas. I’m sharing 5 Thanksgiving outfits for women with a mix of casual and dressy options for your upcoming family dinners. As always I try to find outfits that are very affordable from places like Target, Amazon, Shein, and Walmart! Comment down below your favorite outfit.

Outfit #1

Fall fashion outfit for thanksgiving dinner

Outfit #2

Fall outfit for women

Outfit #3


Outfit #4 

Thanksgiving womens outfit fashion for the fall dess

Outfit #5

What to wear to thanksgiving dinner for women fashion fall

Here are a couple bonus outfits! HM has lots of sweaters that can be paired with mini skirts or skinny jeans to add a chic look this Thanksgiving!

Pink Sweater

Green Sweater

White Sweater


Fall sweater and boot flat lay for the fall

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

I hope you all have an amazing time on Thanksgiving! Enjoy lots of food and family time.


Bella Hibbs

Express Fall Try-On Haul 2019

Fall is just around the corner well at least everywhere except Arizona. Arizona is still 110 degrees outside but hopefully, soon the weather will cool down. Express already has so many great fall clothes that you can stock up on! I am very ready for sweaters, over the knee boots and fall colors! Check out 6 women’s fall outfits from Express.

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Outfit #1

Fall fashion outfit from Express sweater with mini skirt

Outfit #2

Fall work outfit from Express, workwear

Outfit #3

Fall fashion outfit from Express sweater with mini skirt

Outfit #4

Fall mini skirt outfit from Express with hunter green mini skirt

Outfit #5

Fall bodysuit tucked into jeans from Express

Outfit #6

Fall rust orange sweater from Express 2019