How to Style Women’s Athleisure Wear Featuring Bella Hibbs

How to Style Women's Athleisure Wear by Bella Hibbs

How to Style Women's Athleisure Wear by Bella Hibbs in New York

How to Style Women's Athleisure Wear by Bella Hibbs in New York

How to Style Women's Athleisure Wear by Bella Hibbs Fitness Blogger

How to Style Women's Athleisure Wear from Fitness blogger AZ

Fitness blogger shares how to style workout clothes

A rapidly growing trend is athleisure style and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The amazing thing about athleisure wear is that there is almost no wrong way to wear it because it’s all about comfort. Love this idea of style and comfort but not sure how to pull it off? Check out these easy style tips.

    1. Find your base item– This can be a simple black pair of leggings that you build upon by adding in a fun pop of color or playful prints. By having a base item this will make it easier to build an entire outfit.
    2. Mix and match with regular clothes– Don’t be afraid to mix and match regular clothes with your athleisure pieces. Throw on a jean jacket or a ball cap to pull the look together. If you are using your gym clothes to workout than run errands, then be sure to grab some regular clothes to pull your look into a trendy chic (instead of a sweaty gym rat).
    3. Accessorize– Beyond just leggings and tanks try to think how you can pull the whole look off. Easy go-to accessories are sunglasses, chunky purse or sporty watch will always do the trick.
    4. Go for style– It’s important to remember while athleisure is all about comfort you still want to put a little bit of time into planning your outfit. Don’t just throw old sweatpants and an old t-shirt. The goal is to still look put together but in a comfy way.
    5. Get some cool kicks– You want your outfit to look trendy from head to toe, so you can’t forget about shoes. Having some fun bright colored sneakers can really make your outfit pop or bring the whole outfit together. You will want to take care of your shoes and from time to time clean them off so they don’t look too worn in.

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Velvet is the New Sequin for this Holiday Season

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (1)

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (5)

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (7) 2

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (16)

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (6)

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (8)

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (3)

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger New York City Style (17)

When people say New York City is the city that never sleeps….it’s so true! I had an amazing first time trip to New York City and look forward to go back again. There is still SO much I didn’t get to see. Also, the shopping and fashion in New York are unbelievable.

I found this fabulous velvet emerald green dress that is perfect for the holiday season. I’m currently obsessed with velvet for a few reasons. The biggest reason I love it is because wearing velvet is insanely comfortable. Many people are all about sequin dresses during the holidays, but most of those dresses are uncomfortable especially if the dress doesn’t have sleeves. You know what I’m talking about…those sequins rub against your inner arms all night long! In addition, I have yet to find a sequin dress that doesn’t lose some of the sequins after a night out. And finally, I love the look of velvet because it is elegant, classy, and always pops in photos. Comment below and let me know if you are team velvet or team sequin!

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Relaxing Staycation Featuring Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa

Flowy green dress great for a girls lunch Fashion blogger

As temperatures in the valley are finally under triple-digits, I know many of you are looking for a relaxing place to spend your weekends. And I have the perfect spot for you! Last weekend I visited the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa which is located on Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, conveniently located 8 miles north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This award-winning resort is a hidden gem in the area. As soon as you step onto the property you can immediately feel the zen vibes through the lush, green landscaping and the private atmosphere.

Elements at Sanctuary Hotel

Fashion blogger at at sanctuary hotel

We started the day with lunch at the Elements restaurant where you can indulge in the farm-fresh American Cuisine and impeccable service. No matter where you sit in the restaurant, you will have a beautiful view of the resort which overlooks the mountainous terrain. The restaurant is stunning and the food is outstanding! Our server Cassandra was very knowledgeable about the menu and provided great recommendations. We started with the old bay poached shrimp and roasted eggplant hummus. As you can see, the shrimp were huge and delicious!

Best turkey burger in scottsdale, Elements

Then for lunch, I had the turkey burger with a side salad. The turkey burger came on a warm pretzel bun. All the food was delicious and so fresh. Even with all these food, we had to get dessert especially after our server Casandra told us about he pb bombe! The pb bombe is very rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter. I suggest sharing this dish with others as it is very rich in flavor. If you are not much of a chocolate person I would go with the key lime tart. The key lime tart has a flaky crust, topped with coconut sorbet. This dessert is a light refreshing option.

After lunch, we enjoyed the afternoon by the pool. A pool day was so needed after all my traveling this month. The resort pool is breathtaking. You get to enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains over the crystal blue infinity pool. One thing I love about this whole resort is that it’s so quiet! You can truly relax and enjoy the moment.

Resort with the best view in Scottsdale , Arizona by Bella Hibbs

Fashion blogger swimwear at Sanctuary Resort in Arizona

Swimwear by fashion blogger at Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fitness blogger shows off swimwear at Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fashion Blogger shows off swimwear at Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fashion blogger shows swimwear at Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fashion blogger shows swimwear at Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

Learn more about the Sanctuary Camelback Resort & Spa and available luxury accommodations here.

Make your reservations at the Elements restaurant here.

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

The Sanctuary Camelback Resort & Spa graciously hosted us, but as always, opinions expressed on Hibbs Life & Style are independent and comprehensive. Bella Hibbs is the founder and CEO of Hibbs Life & Style and holds a degree in Hospitality and Tourism with a specialization in hotel management.



Starbucks Coffee and Other Healthy Options

Fitness blogger's go to starbucks drinks

fitness blogger who loves starbucks


healthy snack and drink you can get at starbucks

Get a healthy snack at starbucks

Quick and easy healthy snack from starbucks

fitness blogger's favorite low calorie starbuck drinks

Fitness blogger eats at Starbucks , learn the healthy drinks and foods

I am a huge fan of meal prepping for the week but even I sometimes run out of the house without enough food. It’s better to eat something than not eating at all. If you don’t eat and skip meals you are more likely to binge later. My go-to snack right now is Starbucks yogurt parfaits with a black coffee. With 14 grams of protein, and a good source of a probiotic you can’t go wrong.

I understand not everyone drinks their coffee black so here are a few low-calorie drink options that are under 100 calories.

  • Caffe latte- tall, non-fat milk
  • Cinnamon dolce latte- skinny tall, non- fat milk
  • Caramel macchiato- skinny, tall, non- fat milk

Have you tried Starbucks yogurt parfaits? What’s your favorite snack from Starbucks?

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The Red Dress You Will Want This Holiday Season

fashion blogger wears perfect red bandage dress

Red bandage dress perfect for date night

Red dress with simple accessories that make this outfit chic

fashion blogger shared sexy red holiday dress

Finding the perfect red dress for your date night

Favorite Red Dress For The Holiday or Date Night , fashion blogger

Bold red dress with black earrings, fashion blogger

Sexy blog red dress for the holidays or a perfect date night

Favorite Red Dress For The Holiday - Bell Hibbs Fashion Blogger

Your once stop shop for a sexy red dress , fashion blogger

Sexy red dress perfect for holiday parites or a hot date, fashion blogger

Date night dress with the perfect accessories

The perfect red dress for date night, fashion blogger

Okay, you all know that 80% of the time you will find me in workout clothes, but even I from time to time, I like to dress up. When I dress up I go all out by wearing bright and bold colors. When I saw this red bandage dress, I knew it was a must-have. This red dress is flawless and was the perfect date-night dress. This will also be a great staple for holiday parties and could pair well with a warm jacket. You can dress this outfit up or down with accessories. I personally like keeping it simple with black strappy shoes and earrings.

It is so important to make time for a special date night or celebration. It is easy to get caught up in work and life, but be mindful and realize it’s okay (and even encouraged) to take a break, get dressed up, go out, and enjoy life!

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New Grill Cooking Style at The Melting Pot

Fashion blogger melting pot Arizona

Lifestyle blogger at The Melting Pot Arizona

The melting pot table featuring their cheese founde

Melting Pot arizona location, cheese bread and veggies

You may know that the melting pot is famous for their cheese and chocolate fondue but The Melting Pot just introduced the new grill cooking style to their menu! I suggest doing the 4-course dinner to get the full experience. This comes with the cheese fondue, salad, chocolate fondue and of course the grill cooking style.

We started with the cheese fondue, classic alpine and the spinach artichoke that comes with veggies, meats, and pretzel bread. Remember this is just the first course, so don’t fill up on cheese and bread. Then I had the farm fresh California salad, this was mixed greens, candied pecans, gorgonzola, and a housemade raspberry walnut vinaigrette! This was very refreshing to have after eating cheese and bread.

farm fresh California salad from Melting Pot

food and lifestyle blogger at The Melting Pot Arizona

The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style

At this point, your server will switch out your cheese pots and place the grill in front of you (along with your assorted meats and veggies). Don’t worry if you don’t eat meat, they even have a vegetarian option! Your server will tell you cooking times for each meat, then you can start placing on the grill along with your veggies. It also offers 6 different sauces and your server will tell you which ones pair best together. The Melting Pot provides a great experience, where people aren’t on their phones but are actually talking and enjoying each others company.

The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style

The new grill cooking style was delicious! We had beef, scallops, pork, chicken breasts, and wild mushroom sacchetti. I personally don’t eat red meat but the other table guests raved about how good it was. I personally loved the wild mushroom, and the scallops was divine.

The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style- Meat option

The Melting Pot Grill Cooking Style- veggie option

It wouldn’t be the melting pot without chocolate fondue! There are 8 different chocolate fondue to choose from but we went with the caramel toffee crunch.  This comes with a plate of fruits, cookie bites, oreo powdered marshmallows and more! Talk about the perfect way to end an amazing dinner. We were not able to finish all the dessert and they were kind enough to box it up so we could enjoy later, which I defiantly did.

The Melting Pot - chocolate fondue with fruits/cookies

This four-course dinner costs $49.95, and the vegetation option is a little cheaper at $25.95 (these prices may vary from state to state). If you don’t have time for a four-course dinner, The Melting Pot has happy hour Monday- Friday 4pm to 6pm so you can stop in for a glass of wine and cheese fondue. Beyond the amazing food, The Melting Pot offers an experience to get off our phones, talk face to face and celebrate with friends and family. All 3 Arizona locations are now offering this new grill cooking style at their locations so stop in to try their new menu ideas along with some old favorites.

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Necklace: Similar

Clutch: Similar

Photography by Samantha Kade

4 Ways to Lose Body Fat Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

find a good relationship with food from these 4 healthy tips

trendy fitness blogger that has 4 tips to lose weight

you don't have to diet to lose weight, see my 4 tips to lose body fat

lose weight with these 4 tips from fitness blogger bella hibbs

classic black nike sports bra fitness blogger bella hibbs

learn to lose weight without dieting fitness blogger

fitness blogger in black nike fashion outfit

Let me first start out by saying I am not competing for any bikini competition right now. I am about 7-10 pounds up from my competition weight, which is totally natural. Right now I want to slim down just a little bit but the thought of going back on a diet and saying no to happy hour just doesn’t sound appealing. With these 4 tips not only have I been able to lose a little weight but I have also started creating a healthy relationship with food. I hope these tips will help you as they have helped me 🙂

1. Drink lots of water throughout the day. When your dehydrated your body can think it’s hungry and those end up being wasted calories. If you aren’t a big fan of water try a club soda, or add lemon to your water.

2. Find easy swaps for your favorite foods. You don’t have to give up for favorite foods, just find healthy swaps. Almost every food has some sort of healthy swap here are a few of my favorite swaps.

  • Sour cream »»»» plain greek yogurt
  • French fries »»»» air popped popcorn
  • Mayo »»»» Mustard
  • Maple syrup  »»»»  Walden farms zero calorie syrup
  • Wine »»»» Fit Vine Wine or Skinnygirl wine

3. You have to get moving! I encourage you to try weight lifting but I understand that isn’t for everyone. Find what you enjoy, this can be a group fitness class, swimming, hiking etc. Also in your everyday activity, park in the back of the lot, take the stairs at work or take the dog on an extra walk.  You will burn more calories and distract you from food. I have been using a Fitbit for 3 years now and LOVE it! My goal is to get 10,000 steps every day even on rest days. It’s a great way to keep track!

4. The biggest key to losing weight is to be in a calorie deficit. Calories in versus calories out (burned). This is good because once you know your maintenance level of calories you need to consume then you can add in the foods you already love. You can achieve this by eating less, burning more calories or a combination of both. This is similar to macro counting. As always I suggest still adding in proteins, healthy fats and veggies etc but this way you can also still enjoy the foods you love without binging! All foods are okay in moderation.

Tell me what your favorite food swaps are?

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How to Explore and Survive San Francisco

Best San Francisco Fashion Outfits

San Francisco Street Style from Hibbs Life and Style

San Francisco Style Fashion from Bella Hibbs

San Francisco Fashion Outfit From Fashion Blogger

Tips for traveling in San Francisco

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger of Hibbs Life and Style

Tips for traveling in San Francisco by fashion blogger

San Francisco trolly ride! Tips for traveling

This was my second visit to San Francisco and I was much more prepared for the city this time around! Like many large cities, San Francisco is glamourized online and in movies/TV. And while there are certainly fun things to do in San Francisco, you have to experience it the right way. This is why I have come up with these seven tips to make your next trip fabulous!

Tip 1- San Francisco is typically cold in the mornings and evenings. I’d still suggest you bring a light jacket with you. You will find yourself putting it on and off, but its worth it to have with you.

Tip 2- Be prepared for it to always be busy! No matter the day or time you visit, it will be busy! There is always lots of people and limited parking. It is honestly amazing to see so many people in one spot. Don’t get me wrong, where I live its busy, but San Francisco takes it to a whole new level.

Tip 3- Like I mentioned, it is always busy, so driving will be stressful and parking will be limited. I suggest find a parking lot, pay the fee for all-day parking ($15 to $30). The city is big and you may find your self still using an LYFT (discount code: BELLA695761) to get around. Using LYFT will be a lifesaver. When picking a parking do some preplanning of what spots you defiantly want to see and try to park near those activities.

Tip 4- Wear good walking shoes. Even if you are driving yourself or using LYFT, you will still be doing a ton of walking. While flip flops and sandals are stylish, they will hurt your feet by the end of the day. I suggest wearing a pair of sneakers, keds or anything with good foot support. Since you will be walking a ton don’t forget your Fitbit!

Tip 5- Bring a portable charger! By 4pm all our phones were at less than 15%, and as a blogger that totally stressed me out. You want to enjoy all your adventures by posting Instagram stories and snapchat. Don’t miss a beat just because your phone died.

Tip 6- Sunscreen! Depending on the time of year you go (we went in August) I suggest putting on sunscreen. You will end up doing a lot of walking outside and sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin.

Tip 7- Expect to pay “city prices” when eating out. If you choose to eat in the city just know the prices are high and the food is meh. The few places we ate, the food was overpriced and wasn’t anything special. I would suggest checking out The Buena Vista, they have good food and an amazing Irish coffee. This place is worth the wait!

I hope these tips help make your next trip to San Fransico an amazing experience!

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Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Testarossa Winery: A great winery outside of Napa with a rich history

Testaroosa Winery

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger of Hibbs Life and Style

My recent trip to Northern California was the perfect escape from the Arizona heat. While in California, we wanted to explore some wineries but going to Napa Valley was just too far from where we were staying. I was happy to find Testarossa Winery which is truly a hidden treat in downtown Los Gatos, California.

A Little History of the Winery

In 1888, Jesuit Fathers and Brothers of Santa Clara University built the Novitiate Winery to fund their seminary college. And it was interesting to learn that during prohibition, they were one of only a few wineries to stay open because they made altar wine. Flash forward to 1986, they decided to shut down the novitiate winery and would lease the property to winemakers. Then in 1997, Rob and Diana Jenson moved their home production to the Notviaitae. The Jensens started Testarossa in their garage in 1993 with only 25 cases of wine.

Testarossa wine tour with a rich history

The Winery Tour

If you know me at all, you know I love wine! I especially love Chardonnay and 40% of Testarossa’s production is Chardonnay! But I can admit I don’t know a whole lot about the winemaking process. Back in college, I took a bar and beverage class when I was 19 and learned all about wine, beer, and spirits. Since I wasn’t old enough to drink a lot of the information went over my head. Taking this guided tour of Testarossa’s wine cellars brought back so much of what I learned in college and more! The tour takes you from the grapevine, all the way through their on-site bottling center. We even got to enjoy a bottle of chardonnay throughout the tour of the property. The tour takes about an hour from start to finish (maybe a little less since I was taking a lot of photos). Once we finished the tour, we started the wine tasting!

fashion blogger exploring the wine making process at testarossa winery in Los Gatos

Wine tour at Testarossa Winery, with a rich wine history

The Wine Tasting

Once we finished the winery tour, we did the wine tasting in the members-only club which was a covered balcony with twinkle lights that overlooked the green scenery. We tried five wines: 2 Chardonnays and 3 Pinot Noirs. We also had the five-cheese plate and the fruit plate which paired nicely with the wines we tasted. The overall experience was outstanding! Like I mentioned before, I don’t know a lot about wine but our server explained each wine to us which made everyone feel comfortable with the tasting. There was also a live band playing downstairs which created a great atmosphere to relax and enjoy great wines. If you are in Northern California, Testarossa is a must see.

Testarossa Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting not in Napa Valley, Testarossa winery

Testarossa Wine Tasting

Fashion Blogger Wine Tasting, outfit inspo

Fashion bloggering wine tasting at Testarossa Winery outside of Napa Valley

The perfect wine tasting outfit at Testarossa Winery

Food blogger at Testarossa Winery enjoy wine and fruit plates

Testarossa wine tour fashion blogger wine outfit perfect for wine tours

What to wear to a winery tour and tasting full outfit

Fashion blogger outfit for wine tour and tasting outside of napa valley, Testarossa Winery

Fun Fact: Testarossa means “red head” in Italian!

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Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Disclaimer – I did receive a free wine tasting in exchange for a review but I express all my own opinions in this blog.

The 7 Best TED Talks You Need To See

Do you need a little motivation in your life or just feeling stuck? Check out this list of TED Talks you need to see! I personally watch TED talks while I do my fasted morning cardio, not only does it help the time go by faster but I end up feeling so motivated that I have a great day!

Brené Brown – The power of vulnerability

Amy Cuddy – Your body language may shapes who you are

Monica Lewinsky– The Price Of Shame

James Veitch – This is what happens when you reply to spam email

Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action

Jackson Katz- Violence and Silence

Mel Robbins– Stop Screwing Your Self Over

Do you watch TED Talks? Comment below and tell me some of your favorites that I need to watch!

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

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Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography