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This was my second visit to San Francisco and I was much more prepared for the city this time around! Like many large cities, San Francisco is glamourized online and in movies/TV. And while there are certainly fun things to do in San Francisco, you have to experience it the right way. This is why I have come up with these seven tips to make your next trip fabulous!

Tip 1- San Francisco is typically cold in the mornings and evenings. I’d still suggest you bring a light jacket with you. You will find yourself putting it on and off, but its worth it to have with you.

Tip 2- Be prepared for it to always be busy! No matter the day or time you visit, it will be busy! There is always lots of people and limited parking. It is honestly amazing to see so many people in one spot. Don’t get me wrong, where I live its busy, but San Francisco takes it to a whole new level.

Tip 3- Like I mentioned, it is always busy, so driving will be stressful and parking will be limited. I suggest find a parking lot, pay the fee for all-day parking ($15 to $30). The city is big and you may find your self still using an LYFT (discount code: BELLA695761) to get around. Using LYFT will be a lifesaver. When picking a parking do some preplanning of what spots you defiantly want to see and try to park near those activities.

Tip 4- Wear good walking shoes. Even if you are driving yourself or using LYFT, you will still be doing a ton of walking. While flip flops and sandals are stylish, they will hurt your feet by the end of the day. I suggest wearing a pair of sneakers, keds or anything with good foot support. Since you will be walking a ton don’t forget your Fitbit!

Tip 5- Bring a portable charger! By 4pm all our phones were at less than 15%, and as a blogger that totally stressed me out. You want to enjoy all your adventures by posting Instagram stories and snapchat. Don’t miss a beat just because your phone died.

Tip 6- Sunscreen! Depending on the time of year you go (we went in August) I suggest putting on sunscreen. You will end up doing a lot of walking outside and sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin.

Tip 7- Expect to pay “city prices” when eating out. If you choose to eat in the city just know the prices are high and the food is meh. The few places we ate, the food was overpriced and wasn’t anything special. I would suggest checking out The Buena Vista, they have good food and an amazing Irish coffee. This place is worth the wait!

I hope these tips help make your next trip to San Fransico an amazing experience!

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Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Testarossa Winery: A great winery outside of Napa with a rich history

Testaroosa Winery

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger of Hibbs Life and Style

My recent trip to Northern California was the perfect escape from the Arizona heat. While in California, we wanted to explore some wineries but going to Napa Valley was just too far from where we were staying. I was happy to find Testarossa Winery which is truly a hidden treat in downtown Los Gatos, California.

A Little History of the Winery

In 1888, Jesuit Fathers and Brothers of Santa Clara University built the Novitiate Winery to fund their seminary college. And it was interesting to learn that during prohibition, they were one of only a few wineries to stay open because they made altar wine. Flash forward to 1986, they decided to shut down the novitiate winery and would lease the property to winemakers. Then in 1997, Rob and Diana Jenson moved their home production to the Notviaitae. The Jensens started Testarossa in their garage in 1993 with only 25 cases of wine.

Testarossa wine tour with a rich history

The Winery Tour

If you know me at all, you know I love wine! I especially love Chardonnay and 40% of Testarossa’s production is Chardonnay! But I can admit I don’t know a whole lot about the winemaking process. Back in college, I took a bar and beverage class when I was 19 and learned all about wine, beer, and spirits. Since I wasn’t old enough to drink a lot of the information went over my head. Taking this guided tour of Testarossa’s wine cellars brought back so much of what I learned in college and more! The tour takes you from the grapevine, all the way through their on-site bottling center. We even got to enjoy a bottle of chardonnay throughout the tour of the property. The tour takes about an hour from start to finish (maybe a little less since I was taking a lot of photos). Once we finished the tour, we started the wine tasting!

fashion blogger exploring the wine making process at testarossa winery in Los Gatos

Wine tour at Testarossa Winery, with a rich wine history

The Wine Tasting

Once we finished the winery tour, we did the wine tasting in the members-only club which was a covered balcony with twinkle lights that overlooked the green scenery. We tried five wines: 2 Chardonnays and 3 Pinot Noirs. We also had the five-cheese plate and the fruit plate which paired nicely with the wines we tasted. The overall experience was outstanding! Like I mentioned before, I don’t know a lot about wine but our server explained each wine to us which made everyone feel comfortable with the tasting. There was also a live band playing downstairs which created a great atmosphere to relax and enjoy great wines. If you are in Northern California, Testarossa is a must see.

Testarossa Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting not in Napa Valley, Testarossa winery

Testarossa Wine Tasting

Fashion Blogger Wine Tasting, outfit inspo

Fashion bloggering wine tasting at Testarossa Winery outside of Napa Valley

The perfect wine tasting outfit at Testarossa Winery

Food blogger at Testarossa Winery enjoy wine and fruit plates

Testarossa wine tour fashion blogger wine outfit perfect for wine tours

What to wear to a winery tour and tasting full outfit

Fashion blogger outfit for wine tour and tasting outside of napa valley, Testarossa Winery

Fun Fact: Testarossa means “red head” in Italian!

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Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Disclaimer – I did receive a free wine tasting in exchange for a review but I express all my own opinions in this blog.

The 7 Best TED Talks You Need To See

Do you need a little motivation in your life or just feeling stuck? Check out this list of TED Talks you need to see! I personally watch TED talks while I do my fasted morning cardio, not only does it help the time go by faster but I end up feeling so motivated that I have a great day!

Brené Brown – The power of vulnerability

Amy Cuddy – Your body language may shapes who you are

Monica Lewinsky– The Price Of Shame

James Veitch – This is what happens when you reply to spam email

Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action

Jackson Katz- Violence and Silence

Mel Robbins– Stop Screwing Your Self Over

Do you watch TED Talks? Comment below and tell me some of your favorites that I need to watch!

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #LifestyleBlogger

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Extreme Upper Body Workout | PLUS My Favorite Sweet Treat!


Happy Monday!

Be sure to watch the youtube video to see the full upper body workout. So when I’m on my period I crave sugar, which is odd for me because I’m more a carbs person. Anway I tried these low-calorie ice cream bars from Enlightened and they are hands down amazing!

Enlightened ice cream bars

The bars range from 80 to 100 calories depending on which flavor you get, I opt for coffee most times but I have also tried the mint chip and caramel! No matter what flavor you pick you can’t go wrong. For me, this is a guilt-free treat that curves my sugar cravings just enough without breaking my meal plan.  Comment below and let me know if you have tried these bars and which flavor is your favorite!

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Successful Goal Setting – August 2018

AZ summer fashion bella hibbs

floral crop top for summer

casual summer outfit bella hibbs fashion blogger



lifestyle outfit scottsdale az

Bella hibbs- summer fashion crop top

summer floral top perfect for hot summers

Happy August everyone! I love the start of a new month. I sit down to reevaluate and create new goals. Your 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down constantly.

Work Goals for August

  • Increase blog traffic double from July
  • Work with a brand for a sponsored post
  • Get to 800 subscribers on youtube – Subscribe here to help me 🙂
  • Work on letting clients know I’m the new owner of Good Faith Casting
  • Get 1 new client for casting
  • Fill my marketing for actors workshop – You can sign up here

Personal Goals for August

  • Hit 1 new PR (personal record) in the gym each week
  • Do fast cardio 4 times a week
  • Spend more time with friends ( I get so consumed with work and blogging that I forget to go out and enjoy life)
  • Watch less TV ( I’m addicted to Netflix lol)
  • Maintain weight

The key to achieving and being successful with your goals is to have both big and small goals. An example, I have monthly, yearly and long-term goals. I also make all my goals realistic which is key for success! It would be crazy to say I want to make 6 figures blogging this year but saying I want to make $100 in September from blogging, now that is a more realistic goal.

Comment below and let me know your August goals!

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Shoes: Similar

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Earrings: Exact

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

Mural by @Mslaurenlee

My Current Workout Routine

Looking for a workout routine? Visit Hibbs Life & Style

Fashion Blogger Bella Hibbs shares her fitness routine

Check out Hibbs Life and Style for fitness, fashion, and more! #fitnessblogger

Visit Hibbs Life and Style for fitness and fashion tips! #FitnessBlogger

Bella Hibbs Fitness Faishon Blogger shares fitness routine

Bella Hibbs Fitness Fashion Blogger shares advice about workouts

Check out this blog post for fitness tips! Bella Hibbs shares her curent workout routine

As of right now, I won’t be doing another bikini competition again this year which means my workout routine has changed. I have been getting a ton of questions on social media about what is different now.

I still pay for a coach during my offseason, this helps with accountability. If you are interested in having someone set up your nutrition and workouts check out my coach, Brad! He makes plans for competitors and for people who are looking to have a healthier lifestyle, send him an email to see if he can help with your fitness goals,

Workout Routine

I warm up for 5-10 minutes before all my workouts. On leg days I warm up with glute activation.


Examples: lying leg curls, glute kickbacks, walking lunges etc

Tuesday- back/shoulders

Examples- assisted pulls ups, standing shoulder press, seated rows etc

Wednesdayglutes/thighs/compound movements

Examples- sumo squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts etc

Thursday– chest/biceps/triceps

Examples- bench press, hammer curls, assisted dips etc


Examples- squats, leg press, leg extensions etc

Saturday cardio or HITT, 30 to 45 mins


As far as reps and sets, right now I’m trying to lift heavy and hit new PR’s (personal record). So that being said I’m doing lower reps 10 to 12 for 3 rounds. When I train glutes I do 15 reps for 4 rounds. Find what works best for you and your goals 🙂

Outfit Details:

Top: Exact

Leggings: Similar

Shoes: Exact

Sunglasses: Exact

Backpack: Exact

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

5 Cable Machine Booty Exercises | Grow, Shape and Tone

In this video, you will learn 5 exercises you can do with a cable machine to help build your perfect booty goals. Cable machines are great because they are at all big box gyms, most apartment gyms or community centers.  Also if you don’t have a trainer with you cable machines are a great alternative so you don’t get hurt in the gym.

Hope you all enjoy the video, be sure to like and subscribe.


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What To Wear In The Summer Heat

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger in Arizona and founder of Hibbs Life & Style

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Scottsdale and Founder of Hibbs LIfe and Style

Bella Hibbs Fashion and Fitness Blogger Scottsdale Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style to learn more!

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger Scottsdale Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life and Style for fashion and fitness inspiration

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger Scottsdale Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fashion and fitness inspiration!

Bella Hibbs Fashion Blogger Scottsdale Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for inspiration!

Summers in Arizona are brutal! Where the triple digits are the norm and now with monsoon season starting so it’s also humid! This red off the shoulder top is lightweight and will keep you cool all summer long. Paring it with this adorable blue skort that adds a fun sporty feel to the outfit. When shopping look for cotton clothes as it is a breathable fabric that will keep you cool. In the high temperatures, I would stay away from jeans, go with a flowy dress or skirt. As always stay hydrated this summer to help curb your cravings.

Outfit Details:

Top: Exact

Skort: Exact

Earrings: Exact

Shoes: Exact

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

When Women Support Women, Incredible Things Happen!

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fitness and fashion inspiration!

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fitness and fashion inspiration!

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fitness and fashion inspiration!

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fitness and fashion inspiration!

Bella Hibbs Lifestyle Blogger in Arizona. Check out Hibbs Life & Style for fitness and fashion inspiration!

Happy Saturday my boss babes!

My super awesome, feminist sister showed me this adorable crop top, and I fell in love with it (plus it is only $14 on Amazon)! Something you may not know about me is that I am extremely passionate women’s rights and empowerment. While women’s rights are a huge topic and making progress towards true gender equality may seem daunting, every person can make an impact! You may think to yourself: “I’m not a politician, what can I do?” Well it is SIMPLE, support women! 

Often, despite our best intentions, our first instinct is to not support other women. Instead, we compare ourselves with the women around us, rather than build each other up. Whether it is about appearances, relationships, careers, talents — these types of comparisons often bring about feelings of jealousy and create an unhealthy sense of competitiveness.

Here’s an example: I compete in bikini competitions where the other women are literally my competition. I could let this negatively impact my behavior towards them or myself. I could seclude myself backstage during a show and say “I’m not here to make friends, this a competition”. But instead, I choose to make friends with the women backstage and have been made many friends through competing.

I understand seeing other women as competition, especially in the fitness or blogging industry since it is so competitive. But before you are quick to judge, maybe think about reaching out and starting a conversation. If you do this, you will likely discover you have more in common than you think. And who knows it might lead to a beautiful friendship.

Share this blog with your best boss babes!

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Skort: Exact

Shoes: Exact

Photography by Jordan Hibbs Photography

And while you are here, check out the footage from my most recent show:

My First National Bikini Competition in Miami | Fitness Universe

A couple weeks ago I competed at a national stage through Fitness Universe and placed 2nd! You can check out the full show day vlog here!


Bella Hibbs Fitness and Outfit Inpiration at Fitness Universe Weekend

DSC_9534.NEF Bella Hibbs 2018 Universe Weekend by Gordon J. Smith

Bella Hibbs Fitness and Outfit Inpiration at Fitness Universe Weekend

Bella Hibbs Fitness and Outfit Inpiration at Fitness Universe Weekend

DSC_2560.NEF Bella Hibbs 2018 Universe Weekend by Gordon J. Smith (JHVA)

DSC_5143.NEF Bella Hibbs 2018 Universe Weekend by Gordon J. Smith

DSC_1851.NEF Bella Hibbs 2018 Universe Weekend by Gordon J. Smith (JHVA)

DSC_3211.NEF Bella Hibbs 2018 Universe Weekend by Gordon J. Smith

I know what your thinking right about now. What bodybuilding, that is for crazy super buff people taking steroids right? Let me clear up some misconceptions about bodybuilding.

Yes, unfortunately, a lot of people in the sport (men AND women) do steroids. I, however, compete in a natural competition and competitors are drug tested. I want people to follow my fitness journey and know that they can achieve their goals if they work out and follow a diet plan.

Other organizations you can win your pro card if you place top 2 at a national show (NPC), that is not the case for Fitness Universe it is only 1st place who gets their pro card and at some shows you have to win the overall as well.

The bikini division is compiled of 2 rounds. You have your bikini round and theme wear round. This is where you get to live your inner Victoria Secret model fantasy. Each round is an opportunity to show off your body but also your creativity and personality.

If you have any questions about doing a bikini competition let me know! Thank you for all the support. I can’t wait to compete again, and next time I’m going to get that 1st place trophy!

Outfit Details:

Bikini: Bilbo Sportswear mention Bella Hibbs for 10% off your bikini!

Shoes: Exact

Bracelet: Exact

Earrings: Similar

Watch: Exact

Theme Wear: Exact

Snake: Exact – I had to buy 2 and sew them together to make it long enough