4 Must Know Tips for Pageant Dress Shopping


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Pageant dress shopping is one of the more fun parts of preparing for your pageant. Here are a few tips to make dress shopping a little easier!

  1. Shop around! Dress shopping can be overwhelming, there are so many different colors, styles and price points. You should go to a couple different dress shops, try on different styles and see what fits you the best. Don’t feel pressure to buy after only looking at one shop!
  2. Know your budget…and stick to it! You should have an idea of how much you want to spend, and stick to your maximum price point! Also, don’t forget that most of the time you will need to alter the dress to your body…and alteration are expensive! I tried on a few of the more expensive dresses, just for fun, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Do some research online before you go to the dress shops, so that you can get a general idea of price ranges.
  3. Take a family member or friend with you! I took my sister which was great because she tells me the truth! At one shop I took my boyfriend, who bless his heart for coming, didn’t really give me the feedback I was looking for. So bring someone that you trust their opinion.
  4. At the end of the day, find a dress that you love! I found my dress (not any of the pictures in this blog post) at Glam Squad and it was the first dress I tried on at the dress shop. I continued to try on dresses, but I found myself comparing every dress to the first one I tried on. I knew that it highlighted my best features and I felt like a queen in it!

Enjoy the process of finding your perfect dress! This a fun and exciting time. I will compete this weekend for the Miss Arizona USA title.  If you are interested in attending click here for tickets. ( Search Miss AZ USA and both nights will come up) Also there is student pricing ($20) at the door the night of with a student ID.

A special thank you to Glad Squad for helping me find my perfect pageant dress! I have a feeling it is a winning dress 🙂

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Which dress is you favorite? Comment below 🙂

Photography by : Jordan Hibbs

XoXo- Bella Hibbs

1920’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Jordan and Bella 1920s partyIMG_2846

Alyana and Bella 1920s party






Its the weekend YAY, but same questions as always….what should we do? You could pay an over priced movie ticket to see another superhero remake.  Or you could go to the bars and drink overpriced drinks with a lot of empty calories. Nope, all of those idea have been done over and over. A murder mystery dinner party is a new and exciting game to play! You can dress up, eat fancy foods, and play a murder mystery game! My sister, Jordan, went all out on this 1920’s murder mystery dinner party! Not only do all your guest dress to the theme, but you also set the mood by decorating your place towards the theme. Jordan did such a great job of decorating with fun pearls, sparkles, and black and white decorations throughout the whole house. So lets ditch the bars or the movies for a weekend and play a game filled with blackmail, extortion, and yes, even murder!

Again, special thanks to my sister for putting together an amazingly fun evening!

If you would like to purchase your very own dinner party click here

XoXo- Bella Hibbs