3 Tips To Impress the Casting Director

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Professionalism is Key!

Many people forget this is a business. You have to treat acting/modeling as a business or you won’t get very far. Learn everything you can about this industry and reading this blog is already a great start! By learning about the market you can find out who is who and make sure you are being seen by the right people. As always have a business card handy to make connections with fellow colleagues.

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 Be Prepared! 

Come to an audition with all your tools. Always have an extra copy of your headshot and resume, you never know when someone will want your calling card. Be memorized, you wouldn’t come to set not memorized so don’t come to audition without be 100% prepared. Being on time to an audition is a plus but on that note don’t come super early.

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A “Thank You” Goes a Long Way!

Casting Directors/associates work very hard! Especially at Good Faith Casting we hand pick everyone who comes into our castings. We work very hard with each actor to get their best performance on tape. Recently an actor (who we booked in a national campaign) said that she was taught not to give a thank you gift to casting directors. I was shocked! Everyone loves to be thanked for their hard work. Of course, gifts are not required or expected but a nice thank-you is always appreciated. We love helping actor/models succeed in their career.

 Hope these 3 effortless tips launch you into a successful direction in your acting/modeling career. Leave a comment below on how you impress the casting team when you audition 🙂

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XoXo- Bella Hibbs

Under Armour Casting


As most of you know I work at Good Faith Casting here in the valley of the sun. This past week we have been very busy with lots of castings and upcoming projects. Yesterday we did a web video casting for Under Armour.  It was truly a long hard day of work 😉

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If only I could have given everyone an audition!

All day long I got to audition good looking male models, who took their shirts off and flexed! Wow I’m not sure how I managed through the day 😉 Instead of me trying to explain my day, take a look at a few photo’s.

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Jay Jordan Model/Actor with Deborah Maddox Agency
Mark Grossman Model/Actor with Ford Robert Black Agency
Ricardo Padilla Model/Actor with The Agency Arizona

Castings like these make me love my job even more! Not sure how that is even possible because I already love working with such amazing people from the agents and clients to even the actors. What can I say, I must be a people person 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend

XoXo- Bella Hibbs