Pretty in Pink Park Workout

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Bella hibbs park PushupBellaHibbs by the Lake

Bella Hibbs Shaker Bottleusing4using5 In Arizona its finally cooling down, which is a great opportunity to get out of the gym and go outside. For me working out really helps clear my head but 10x better when I’m outside. One of my favorite workout accessories is the Fitbit! This is great way to keep you motivated and track your progress. You can add friends and do daily or weekly step challenges! To get the most out of your workout run a lap then do 25 push ups, on the next lap then do 25 burpes etc. Those are just a few easy workouts that require no equipment.

Location- Chaparral Park

Outfit: Shirt- Nutirshop Paradise Valley ( Spend $50 and get a FREE shirt) Sports Bra- Nike Pants- Nike Shoes- Nike


Photography By: Jordan Hibbs

XoXo- Bella Hibbs