Rainbow Fruit Snack – St. Patrick’s Day

This year is flying by, we are already in March. On the blog today is a easy fruit rainbow you can make for any St. Patrick Day parties. We headed up to my in laws house for family time and it was huge hit. This dish is so easy which is probably why I loved it, work smarter not harder. You pick your favorite assortment of fruits that include all the colors of the rainbow.

Red: strawberries or raspberries

Orange: oranges, I used little Halo Oranges that way people don’t have to peel anything. or cantaloupe

Yellow: pineapple or banana

Green: green grapes or kiwi

Blue: blueberries or blackberries

Purple: purple grapes

Then add whip cream to one side to make it look like a cloud. On the other-side you can add chocolate coins as if the rainbow found the pot of gold. So in all honestly I forgot the chocolate coins at home and ended up using real coins for this blog. Luckily my in-laws had gold dollar coins we could use! Overall this is a fun and easy snack to make for any get together. If you give it a try be sure to tag me on Instagram!