Work With Me

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to showcase your products? Do you want more traffic to your website and social media platforms?

If you do, that’s AWESOME and I can help you achieve what you are looking for.

In the blogging world, there are so many different avenues that can increase sales and customer awareness of brands/products.  It’s all about getting YOUR PRODUCT noticed, which means more sales for you.

Each company has a different idea in what they want to achieve, and I find that exciting. As a blogger, I have several different ways to reach the goals you are striving for.

Product Reviews:  I love testing new products.  I will write a detailed review that includes high-resolution pictures.

Giveaways:  This is always a fun way to promote your product and get customer interaction. Everyone loves winning!!

Brand Ambassadorship: If you would like an ongoing way of getting your product noticed, whether by social media posts, reviews or recipe development, I would be happy to discuss your options and ways I can help.

You can easily email me here to discuss your interests, ask questions or request my media kit. If you choose to work with me, we can come up with exciting ways to increase awareness of your awesome products!!