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Recently I read an article “5 Things Happy People Do”. Most of it was pretty common stuff; eat healthy, exercise, laugh more, communicate your feelings and to forgive others. The last one really struck me because, there was a situation that happened a while ago but I still can’t forgive this person. Without having to go into too many details I never got closure from the predicament. I never got to express to this person how mad I was or find out the truth about the situation. I went to bed thinking about this situation/person and in my dream I got to confront them. In the dream I told them everything I had been feeling and I finally got it off my chest. Granted it was dream so it is a little different, but when I awoke I had this strange feeling of being a little more at peace. I don’t want to hold on to the past,  nor onto things I cannot change or waste my energy on someone who isn’t in my life.  I choose to forgive this person and move on.


This blog post is about making peace and forgiving others. We all have a greater purpose in life and to hold onto so much anger does no one any good.

XoXo – Bella Hibbs

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