What to Pack for an Out of State Bikini Show!

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Even though I made a list I thought I had everything I need I still forgot stuff! Again good thing there is a store on every corner! Went to athlete check in’s at 4pm then went and got 2 coats of spray tan.


Fast forward 48 hours and the competition is over. I am so happy with the outcome. I competed in the biggest class, Bikini Open Class Tall and won 4th place! I was up against a lot of competition, girls who not only have competed before but also won their classes. I was so happy when they called my name, I think I jumped a little!


This was my 4th bikini show, on June 4th my birthday, I turned 24 and my stage number was 24. Then I place 4th! Overall I had such an amazing time at Fitness Universe, and I made lots of new friends!

Coaching- Lifestyle Physiques– Ray & Melissa you are amazing thank you for all that you have done for me!

Nutrishop Paradise Valley– Thank you for everything this past year! All the motivation and pushing me to be my very best! ( Message me if you want a $50 gift card  to Nutrishop Paradise Valley, for new customers)

Suit- Bilbo Baggs

Lashes- Boss Babe Lashes

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots more backstage photos, @BellaHibbs

XoXo Bella Hibbs

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